20th Session of UN Commission on Science and Technology Draft Resolution published

The Twentieth Session of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development was held from 08 – 12 May 2017 ,Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. More information is available at http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2017/05/the-twentieth-session-of-the-united-nations-commission-on-science-and-technology-for-development/ .

Open data and open principles in science and education are key for ensuring food security by 2030. Let us work together to eradicate extreme poverty and enable shared prosperity for all. Capacity building is strongly highlighted in the Science, technology and innovation for development draft resolution available at http://unctad.org/meetings/en/SessionalDocuments/ecn162017_DraftRes_STI_en.pdf

The European Commission's high-level advisers advocate open research and innovation as essential drivers for growth in Europe. Details at http://ec.europa.eu/research/index.cfm?pg=newsalert&year=2017&na=na-150517 .