The GSDI Association had two categories of membership - GSDI Organisational Members and GSDI Individual Members.

Organisational Members included government agencies, academic and research institutions and departments, commercial firms and not-for-profit organisations and NGOs.

Individual Members included professionals from the geo community and students at institutions of higher learning.

GSDI Organisational Members had one official representative Delegate on the GSDI Council, which was the ultimate decision-making body of the Association. Each Organisational Member had one vote on matters that required a vote of Council. GSDI Board of Directors members were chosen from the Delegates of the Councl.

GSDI Individual Members were formerly members of the International Geospatial Society (IGS) which was a separate wing of the GSDI Association, discontinued in 2015 as part of the 5-year GSDI Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020, due to confusion that arose from some stakeholders, members and supporters concerning the role and legal status of IGS versus the Association.

GSDI Individual Members collectively had one vote on the GSDI Board of Directors via the 'Director, Individual Member Representative'.

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