The eENVplus Project Results

We're pleased to announce the availability of the eENVplus services and applications. eENVplus is a project funded by European Union under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

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The result of eENVplus is a set of components performing the overall operational workflow for the design and the deployment of SDI’s based on the INSPIRE implementing rules and standards.

eENVplus Services Environment

All of our services and software components are currently released in their final version and are freely available:

• Harmonisation toolkit
• Validation service
• Interoperable services (data access, processing, crowdsourcing, etc.)
• Metadata Management
• Environmental Thesaurus
• Training Framework

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Our mission of is to become the reference in the provision of re-usable building blocks for the creation of INSPIRE-based SDI’s and applications.

Visit our Showcase

Discover, access, test and get information on the products and services developed in eENVplus.

This webpage ( a dedicated section for each of the developed components and includes general information, video demonstrations, links to the training material and information of the use and reuse of these components.

The showcase also features a portfolio of demonstrative applications. Check them and be inspired on how to use the eENVplus components in your organisation.

Visit the showcase here.

Join the eENVplus Network

Be part of an environment of organisations and individuals sharing interest on the use and reuse of the project results and on the many topics linked INSPIRE Directive Implementation process.

To get more information visit the eENVplus Community site (, the meeting place for the users of eENVplus in terms of guidance and technical support.

Ask for support, share your experiences related to the implementation of INSPIRE, learn how to create your own application, download our software, make enquiries for professional support and much more.

Join the eENVplus Network here.

The Training Framework

During the project much effort has been dedicated to the setup of a Training environment. Visit our e-Learning platform and discover our free courses on INSPIRE and the technical outcomes of eENVplus.

We provide to the National/Regional Environmental Agencies (or any interested audience) the advanced skills required to cope with the INSPIRE implementation process, knowledge related to the new ICT dimension of the environmental data and the necessary means to interact, benefit and adopt the eENVplus Infrastructure.

Visit the eENVplus Training Framework here.

The eENVplus Final Conference

This event held in Rome on December 3rd 2015, demonstrated the big interest our project has raised among European key players having an important role in INSPIRE road map.

During the conference, 108 registered attendees from 26 countries had the possibility to explore the eENVplus infrastructure, the Pilot experiences and debate about the importance of projects such as eENVplus on providing tangible methods, tools, good practices, support and training for the INSPIRE implementation.

You can find here the Proceedings.

eENVplus final conferences