The GLIM Project

At the moment the Association is funding the GSDI Geo Legal Interoperability Map of the World (GLIM) Project, led by our member TU Delft sinc 2014 and extended into 2016, under project leadership of Dr Bastiaan van Loenen, TU Delft, and Dr Joep Cromvoets, of GSDI Member KU Leuven.

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The GLIM Project takes over and includes work and focus of the former GSDI Legal  and  Socioeconomic  Committee, which  explored  the  legal,  institutional,  and  socio-economic  frameworks  within  which  SDIs are  developed  within individual  nations  and  multi-nation  regions.  The L&SE discussion forum exists to encourage  dialogue  in  regard  to  varying  public policy and legal approaches and explored models, approaches, and experiences that may  enhance  cooperation among  nations  in  sharing  spatial  data  and  spatial technologies.

The  committee  identified,  acquired,  analysed,  and  reported  to  GSDI  Association  members on policies  or  legislation  being  adopted  or  considered  by  national,  regional  (multi-nation)  or international  law  bodies  that  might  be  relevant  to  the  goals  of  the  GSDI  Association  or might otherwise affect the global development of spatial data infrastructures. Major future issues that are relevant in the legal and socioeconomic realm include Licensing,  Privacy, Liability, Open Data, Volunteered Geographic Information, Transparency, Accountability, Funding, Governance, Policy alignment, Business models for SDI management, Performance assessment, and legal issues related to Cloud computing, Mobile computing revolution and Location-Based Services.

Current Strategic Actions

Because of limited resources, GSDI focuses on a selected number of strategic areas, including:

  • Frameworks on geographic data and services (open) licencing;
  • Legal geographic data protection (privacy) frameworks;
  • Governance structures enabling the management of geographic data successfully;
  • Comparative benchmark assessment on legal and socio-economic aspects;
  • Repository of good legal and/or socio-economic practices;
  • Capacity building on issues related to legal, institutional and socio-economic issues.

GLIM Project Deliverables

The GSDI GLIM Project deliverables include continued research into:

  • framework(s) on geographic data and services licencing (open and otherwise),
  • framework(s) on legal geographic data protection (privacy),
  • additional Web surveys on legal, institutional and socio-economic aspects,
  • further developing the assessment framework on legal, institutional and socio-economic aspects to identify legal and/or socio